Blogs aren’t usually meant for reading chronological order, but many of my essays are told in multiple, chronological posts. When an essay has multiple posts (not all of them do), you can link to the next chapter from the bottom of each post.

Missing the Solstice ~and~ Discovering the World

photo of winter solsticeThis is a ten-post story of my New Age upbringing and education, the psychic healing career I created to address the many problems I witnessed in the New Age, and my decision to end that career and return to college. Free Atlantean pelvis aliens with every purchase! Start here.

Science vs. Religion and Other False Dichotomies

photo of mathematical kittenThis single-post essay focuses on false dichotomies and ideologically-based unwillingness to consider new ideas. And a cat who does math, for important reasons that I can’t remember right now. This post is here.

The Reality of Atlantis

photo of a utopian sceneThis three-post essay about Atlantis, Utopia, and the importance of the mythic imagination grew out of an academic research project on the historical origins of Atlantis. With music! Start here.

Why I am not a psychic — or a skeptic

Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hillThis single post chronicles my entry into and swift departure from the cultural skeptical movement, though I am still connected to some of the more awesome and empathic skeptics within the movement. Free lolcats with every read-through! This post is here.

Truth is culturally relative — OW!

photo of Picasso's GuernicaThis two-post essay about the literary criminals of postmodernism and the thought police of skepticism will help you use big words with confidence and poise! Start here.

A message to followers of my earlier work

photo of Your Aura and Your Chakras bookIn 2003, I let go of my spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal beliefs, and I ended my entire career. Spoiler! I returned seven years later with a new understanding. This post explains my current approach. This post is here.

A new prophecy for 2012

hokusaithegreatwaveatKanagawaRemember that time the world was going to end, for the thousandth time? Spoilers! It didn’t, it hasn’t, and it won’t. It’s the never-ending story of the end of the world. This post is here.

Dark circles and bright ideas

This two-post series focuses on growing up in — and growing away from — the alternative medicine community. Bonus: the true story of the thieving undertakers behind a famous symbol of medicine! Start here.

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